DOUBLE UPDATE: Both Features Release!
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BUSD.FARM v2 - THE EVOLUTION! Use BUSD to earn $BFARM Tokens to Stake and sell for BUSD

$BFARM Price

... BUSD



Total Supply


Circulating Supply


Available Supply


MINT $BFARM Mint $BFARM by staking your BUSD. 100 BUSD = 5 BFARM daily. You can stake as many times as you want You cannot unstake this BUSD

My Stake...
Total Staked...

$BFARM Minted

Approve BUSD spend
There is no minimum to use
Wallet Balance: ... BUSD

STAKE $BFARM Stake $BFARM to farm more $BFARM (5% Daily) You can stake as many times as you want You can unstake this $BFARM after 7 days

My Stake...
Total Staked...

$BFARM Earned

There is no minimum to stake
Wallet Balance: ... $BFARM

SELL $BFARM Sell the your $BFARM tokens Only 10'000 tokens can be sold per day Earn BUSD

Sold Today...
Available Today...
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You will get

0.00 BUSD

Wallet Balance: ... $BFARM


BUSDM.FARM v2 Launch.

New feature to get $BFARM faster.

New feature to make everything more funny.

Front end update.

Big (Very Big) Announcement for $BFARM.


$BFARM Token - 0x7cA02242Ebfd38Ef57530E779705a2C08A53BEE7

1. General:
Project Name: $BFARM
Investment Coin: BUSD BEP20
Token Name: $BFARM
Token Max Supply: 1'000'000 $BFARM
Premine: 7.5% (75'000 $BFARM)
Premine allocation: 20'000 Compensation + 20'000 PCO + 20'000 Founders + 10'000 Marketing + 5'000 Airdrops
Price Math: (Total BUSD Balance / Available Supply)
Admin Fees: 7%
Referral System: 7% (3 Levels 4% - 2% - 1%)

2. Mechanics:
Invests BUSD and earn daily staking rewards in $BFARM tokens (5% per day). You can claim your $BFARM rewards at anytime. You cannot unstake your BUSD tokens. You will earn $BFARM tokens as a percentage of BUSD invested irrespective of the $BFARM Price.

If you invest 100 BUSD you will receive 5 $BFARM per day now you have two options:
1. You can sell your $BFARM tokens for BUSD;
2. You can stake them to earn more $BFARM tokens (5% per day). $BFARM Staking is locked for 7 days

3. Terminology
Total Supply : The maximum amount of $BFARM that can exist
Circulating Supply : The amount of $BFARM tokens that are currently in wallets
Available Suppy : (Total Supply - Cirulating Supply)
$BFARM Price : (Total BUSD Balance / Available Supply)
Mint $BFARM - As you claim $BFARM from minting, it is removed from the Available Supply and added to the Circulating Supply
Sell $BFARM - As you sell $BFARM, it is removed from the Circulating Supply and added to the Available Supply